Body Awareness Therapeutic Massage
Kimberly Hedegaard, CMT

About Me

I am a Certified Massage Therapist, and also a Certified Thai-Yoga Bodyworker, working with clients with a wide range of therapy needs. As a licensed k-12 Teacher, with a graduate degree in vocal music, I have worked in education for over 20 years, and as an organist and church musician. This past May of 2022, I traveled to Korea and was promoted to Associate Master of SunDo Taoist Yoga, having completed four levels of teaching certification. I first traveled to Korea to receive my black belt in the practice in 2013, and I have 17 years experience teaching SunDo and performing SunDo Massage, which is similar to Thai Bodywork.

 I believe that the body has the ability to find its own balance with the proper support.  Helping my clients to feel good is always my top priority, and the overall goal of massage.  I will work to help align the mind and body, and Spirit, through each massage and bodywork session.

Find out more about my SunDo training by clicking on the "Feeling Good is the Chi" tab.